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  • Hansjuerg Kessler

    Designing the best performing skis and snowboards for the advanced to expert rider and racer.
  • Kessler Skis

    Easy Handling, Ferocious Edge Hold, World Class Performance, Swiss Made Workmanship
  • Kessler Snowboards

    Own the podium with the most successful brand in snowboard racing history.
  • Custom

    Individually designed snowboards for the elite athlete. Hand built to your exact specifications.
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Kessler Skis and Snowboards are now available in Canada. Order Now

The Kessler Story - So Far

ominant in snowboarding and revolutionary in the skiing sector. A formula for victory. At the Olympics in 2006, Kessler riders won 5 of 6 medals. At the 2007 World Championships, Kessler boards dominated again on the podium with 11 of 12 possible medals. In 2008, Graham Watanabe (USA) won the first boarder cross gold medal on a Kessler BX-Board. And in Vancouver in 2010, Kessler was the most successful snowboard brand of all.

Ski or Snowboard - Stunning Results

he circle closes: Hansjuerg Kessler first analysed skis to develop winning snowboards. Today, Kessler Shape Technology revolutionizes conventional carving skis. A quantum leap of innovation, not only for a few elite athletes. Every advanced to expert skier benefits. With KST, Kessler achieves the near-impossible - Easy Handling with World Class Performance.

Hansjuerg Kessler Talks about his Design Philosophy

Behind the soft spoken manner lies a fierce and determined vision of ski and snowboard performance and build quality. Meet the man behind Kessler Engineering and the revolutionary Kessler Shape Technology. Hansjuerg Kessler talks about design philosophy in this short video