The Ride

All Mountain Free Ride

You, your board and the sound of silence. See the snow in front of you? Fresh, perfect, untouched! It’s yours. This is what THE RIDE was created for, this is why you are here. You don’t like to do things by halves? Then put your faith in the very best materials to answer all your needs. THE RIDE is the outcome of decades of experience spent in customising thousands of individual boards for top snow riders all over the world.

Construction: sandwich. Colour: white.
Length 1.58 m 1.63 m 1.68 m
Blade 297 mm 304 mm 310 mm
Waist 242 mm 250 mm 258 mm
Tail 282 mm 289 mm 296 mm
Side cut range 7-10 m 10.3 m 9-12 m
Weight range 55-75 kg 60-85 kg 65-95 kg